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While on his journey he goes to Cyan Forest Town and happens to run into Xiao Kuangyun, who soon send Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu to humiliate Yun Che, but as they were attacking, Jasmine wakes up for the first time and kills both of them causing the Absolute God Slaying Poison to rebound.[28]. To Yun Che, even though many miracles had happened to him already, that was still pure nonsense. Yun Che was able to get it back but on the way, they found two Flood Dragons who had their child killed by humans not too long ago, they had a deep hatred towards them and finding Yun Che and Chu Yuechan made them filled with killing intent. Seeing that Yun Che won't submit, Qianye Ying'er caster the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark on him, the cruelest curse in the whole Realm of the Gods. [119], After breaking out of the Moon Ghost Cauldron Yun Che suppressed the 8 Divine Kings, but before he could do anything to them, Falling Sun Sword Territory's Sword Master appears alongside the Dark Peng Clan's Old Ancestor. After killing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign[82], only four petals were remaining on the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, still, Yun Che braved himself to face the enormous soul pain to grab the remaining petals and give them to Jasmine. The girl gave him one Netherworld Udumbara Flower. After his suicide at the Cloud’s End Cliff, Yun Che doesn’t die but instead reincarnates back a second time into his own body from his first life just after he was killed by the Murdering Heart Powder. His nature is also perverted. While opening their Profound Entrances, Yun Che took advantage of them, touching their backs as he likes. Before everything had been made public, the Evil Infant had also died together with the others due to an "accident". After killing Feng Chihuo with the help of Little Chan, Yun Che was gravely injured and fainted. Contact Us. Then, he rushed day and night and finally in six days, he finally arrived at Blue Wind Imperial Palace. He is a tall and extremely handsome young man. Yun Che proceeds to give the eight great sects a choice, Submit or die. In order to increase his cultivation, Yun Che visited God Burying Inferno Prison and on the bottom of it, Yun Che meets Phoenix Spirit who gives him 7 drops of origin blood and a fragment of its soul. [29] Yun Che agrees to the first two requests but rejects the last since Jasmine is younger than him in terms of age, but in the end Jasmine forces him to kneel down which leads to Jasmine becoming Yun Che's master and bestowing him with the immortal blood of the Evil God, destroying his old profound veins and building the profound veins of the Evil God. While her ice arts were being passed onto him, he fainted because of his Phoenix inheritance. Soon after she notices three adults chasing after two kids in order to abduct them. More Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia. Just as hated in this life as the previous one, Che must overcome his own hostile clan, his own inability to cultivate, and his own frosty fiancée. Jue Yun Cliff's base is known as the Grim Reaper's cemetery. When Yun Xinyue was about to be appointed as Yun Family's patriarch, Yun Che stood up and objected. Luo Changsheng's hate for Yun Che is immense because he was defeated for the first time in his life. When Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan entered the Primal Chaos Dimension, he was the one who saved whole Realm of the Gods from being exterminated by her. They revealed all his malicious schemes to everyone and suppressed the persons who wanted to rebel. Situation in Snow Song Realm is escalating because of the strong Devil Qi too. He humiliated and extorted them with 10 million Purple Profound Coins. [117], Eight of the nine great sects appear at the Cold Night Peak as Yun Che orders. Physical Description After they build the formations to travel between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Che lets Huan Caiyi kill the main supporters of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall. However, this “Divine Tribulation Realm” restriction did not only apply to the Profound God Convention’s applicants. [133]. [107], Mu Xuanyin exerts her strength at max in attempt to free Yun Che from the encirclement of the strongest experts of Realm of the Gods and let him escape but her strength was not enough as she was mercilessly attacked by Dragon Monarch. Mu Xuanyin was all this time controlled by the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit who planted in her soul order to put Yun Che's well being in front of everything else. ... Ofc, the good thing is that she is not participating, and with the karma boost that Yun Che has, it might just work out. Not a single word about the Devil Emperor returning or the fact that Yun Che had saved the world had been spread out. Yun Che asked to fight against all remaining fighters so he could end it fast. He marries Xia Qingyue and on their wedding night, she says that he should not come closer than five steps to her, when he asks where he should sleep, she answers on the bed, and she will sleep on the floor, but YC refused to sleep on the bed because of his dignity as a man. His next opponent was Wu Guike but he wasn't Yun Che's match. Visiting a small town, he sees again Mu Feixue and saves her when her life was threatened by Divine Sovereign Realm profound beast. 10th Level Divine Sovereign Realm[19] When all present went to see Crimson Crack, they met with Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Jie Yuan who just managed to enter the Primal Chaos Dimension. Yun Xi (Chinese: 云曦; Pinyin: Yún Xī) is a fictional character of Peerless Martial God. In an instant, every plant and animal in the entire Forbidden Land of Samsara… all the way down to Yun Che and Shen Xi’s bamboo house was reduced to the tiniest of dust. Xia Yuanba sacrificed himself so that Yun Che and Feng Xue'er could escape, Yun Che had no option but to leave with all his might. Throwing himself off a cliff to spite his pursuers, Yun Che is reincarnated as Xiao Che, a recently poisoned teen in another realm. Later, she disappears into the Sky Poison Pearl to detoxify the deadly poison.[25]. Yun Xiao became Yun Che's sworn brother with Yun Che as the elder brother and Yun Xiao as the younger. On a birthday celebration, he was underestimated on the beginning but when they knew he is a direct disciple of Realm King, everyone was shocked. Due to the Sky Poison Pearl’s detection ability, he stumbles upon a Star Concealing Grass. Yun Che made Xia Qingyue stay with him while he was recovering to scare away those who wanted to kill him while he was injured. Yun Che got from Mu Xuanyin complete Golden Crow Record of Burning World which she won as a bet from Huo Rulie in the duel between Yun Che and Huo Poyun. He tries to warn his Honored Master but three sect masters don't believe him and Yun Che was furious especially on Yan Wancang who was controlling Vermilion projection. But when he sees that they are his enemies or destined to be his enemies, he doesn't hesitate to turn into a ruthless person. After discovering the parasite inside Cang Wanhe and telling him to be wary of Gu Qiuhong, Yun Che prepares to leave the palace when Ling Yun and Ling Jie appear. When he was finally alone with Cang Yue, she told him about Chu Yuechan's pregnancy. Yun Che was forced to boost his cultivation so he returns to the Snow Song Realm and consumes Universe Pentajade Pellet, dual cultivates with Mu Xuanyin and absorbs fragment of Ice Phoenix Soul which boosted his cultivation to ninth level of Divine Tribulation Realm. Chu Yueli and Xia Qingyue asked Yun Che to go to Frozen Cloud Asgard as per Feng Qianhui's request. Yun Che was persistent and didn't want to leave because he sensed some familiarity with this little girl. Yun Che greets with Huo Poyun and introduces as Ling Yun. When he saw the bride is Xia Qingyue, he was shocked and angry that he beat two sons of Yue Wuya to vent his frustration. Being 10th level Divine Kings made them believe that they could kill Yun Che, but found out Yun Che wasn't being serious when he faced them. In other words, Yun Che, who had been muttering the word “low-key” to himself at least eight hundred times on the way there, had now become the topic of discussion for the entire Ice Phoenix Realm on his very first day. As Yun Che refused dual cultivation as a mean to boost his cultivation, Mu Xuanyin told him that his only option was Universe Pentajade Pellet but ingredients are too rare. Yun Che and Shen Xi's Child. Jasmine Soul Searched through Fen Juechen's memories after the fight, knowing his secrets, she revealed it to Yun Che. [38] Thereupon, getting accepted into the New Moon Profound Palace. Because of previous Mu Xuanyin was completely enraged and coerced Jun Xilei to apologise to Yun Che. [68], Yun Che finally began to travel towards Divine Phoenix City, after he arrived, he directly went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to prepare himself for the tournament. Yun Che refused to admit defeat like that, to give up on his Jasmine, and his determination to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm strengthened. His appearance was extraordinary in the first place. Yun Che says that he had slept with Lan Xueruo enraging Murong Ye who then tries to fight Yun Che, only to be defeated in an instant. Feng Zhaonan wasn't willing to accept his defeat so Zi Ji appears to accept it. [73], Yun Che then joins the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. When he finally met with Jasmine, she was cold to him and told him he doesn't have a qualification to see her unless he wins first place on Profound God Convention. After curing her, Yun Che made one condition for repayment, which was to request her help to bring him to the Realm of the Gods, Mu Bingyun agreed. It took him too much effort to resist the soul-tearing pain, using the Dragon God Domain, Golden Crow Soul and Phoenix Soul to continue, after that, he fainted. The first fight was very close but Yun Che stood as a winner on the end. After they left Phoenix Clan, they went to the Blue Wind Empire where Yun Che saw his women again. His third life ended by being burned to ashes. It was as if everything that surrounded him had completely vanished as Yun Che’s mind had gone completely blank. Yun Che and Cang Yue settle their feelings for each other. [45], Yun Che then enters the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds to pass the test and become stronger. [103], After Eternal Heaven God Emperor Zhou Xuzi heard the prediction of the Heavenly Mystery Realm where Yun Che will become a Devil God and slaughter the world, he started to target Yun Che's home planet, Blue Pole Star. He decided to learn Star God's Broken Shadow and returned with Xing Juekong to the Star God Realm. Female[1] Yun Che goes to the Brahma Monarch God Realm where he 'helps' Qianye Fantian to get rid of Devil Qi of Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations but in reality Yun Che was infusing poison of the Sky Poison Pearl in Qianye Fantian's body. He used the Primordial Profound Ark to go back to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley along with Huan Caiyi and Feng Xue'er. ATG This is an upload of ATG Against the Gods novel audio. The Evil God teleported Yun Che and Xia Qingyue to the Azure Cloud Continent for 24 hours before they would be teleported back. Mu Xuanyin because of experience led Yun Che to the Flame God Realm where she was going to fight against Ancient Horned Dragon. FireWaterLightningWindDarknessLightNothingness Yun Che was only first level of Divine King Realm and he couldn't do anything with such a low cultivation so he chose to open the Hades and activate Other Shore Asura. Ye Xinghan tried to destroy the room but was unable to do it, since the time to go back was near, he decided to destroy the profound formation on the door so they won't be able to get out and die in the Primordial Profound Ark. But the content of the bet changed from an apology and kneel to Feng Zhaonan giving up on his Phoenix Robe. There Yun Che entered the Divine Way and collected all the ice spirits who are being used for the competition to choose direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. Yun Che was born with mediocre cultivation talent. Fight against Huo Poyun was won by Poyun's surrender because Huo Poyun's mental state was very bad after he got humiliated by Jun Xilei. Fen Moli tried to kill Yun Che but was stopped by Xia Qingyue. Of course, he was stopped by the other and Honorable Tai Yu sent him flying. Strives to become powerful enough to protect the ones close to him. As a result, it was without question that his name would spread through Freezing Snow Hall, Ice Phoenix Palace and even to Ice Phoenix Divine Hall. This fight was won only because Lu Lengchuan surrendered because he thought he was inferior to Yun Che although his cultivation was higher than Yun Che's by more than a realm. Setelah itu, Yun Che turun dari langit, dan dalam kegembiraannya, dia tanpa sengaja menginjak sepetak bunga roh di bawahnya. However, he had obviously changed. Unless he was able to cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm before then. Yun Che meets there Mu Yizhou who tries to kill him because of hatred (incited by Mu Hanyi) but on the end, Mu Yizhou and his partner got killed by Yun Che. This allowed them both to obtain the complete scripture. Yun Che found the Little Demon Empress fighting against Duke Huai and Duke Ming inside of the Golden Crow Lightning Valley, he began to talk in order to gain time until Yun Qinghong and the others come to rescue them. Outside the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, he found Hui Ran, confirming that the Duke Huai Palace has the intention to kill the Little Demon Empress inside the Golden Crow Lightning Valley. Statuses Thereafter Jasmine teaches Yun Che his first Profound Skill, Star God’s Broken Shadow, which is a Profound Movement Skill. Even after reincarnating and awakening in the body of a cripple, his state of mind stayed the same. Yun Che possessed the Great Way of the Buddha, so even if he did not cultivate, his body would still automatically absorb the world’s elements. She takes Yun Che with her and disappeared in front of all present experts of the Realm of the Gods. With the efforts of the three of them, Xuanyuan Wentian was forced to flee for his life. While he was on Frozen Cloud Asgard handling the sect's matters, Yun Che felt a weak aura falling from the sky. He was indeed a proud person regardless of who he was in the presence of because back when he was in the Azure Cloud Continent, he was one of the proud warlords there. Eastern Divine Region Personal Information He defeated, humiliated and killed more than two hundred disciples from the Burning Heaven Clan, after that he kidnapped Fen Juecheng, crushing his bones and doing a lot of damage to him, he forced them to apologize and leave. Yun Che felt nothing about it since he knew about his true strength. The Samsara Forbidden Land light breeze stopped flowing, in the air did not see a bird winged insect, even/including falls among the colorful butterfly wing in flowers stopped fanning. He was cornered at Cloud's End Cliff on the Azure Cloud Continent by his enemies, who came after him for the Sky Poison Pearl. After waking up, Yun Che meets Cang Wanhe who asked him to marry Cang Yue after two months. She promised him that the Yun Family will be protected will all her might, bestowed Kingship upon Xiao Yun and Yun Che asked her to give the Overlord Pellet to Xiao Yun instead of him. So if that’s removed from the list then I would go with Mo E. Since Dragon God brought up the sword to him I guess maybe he … [41], Yun Che in order to take revenge disguises himself as Huangfu He and tricks Xiao Tiannan into robbing all the treasures inside the treasury of Xiao Sect's Branch. Meanwhile, a dragon appears from a cave, Jasmine tells Yun Che that it is a true dragon that is at the Emperor Profound Realm. He decided to go to the Azure Cloud Continent and see Su Ling'er one last time before opening Hades against Xuanyuan Wentian and meet his death. [93] Mu Xuanyin told him because of great obligation toward Shui Meiyin, he must marry her. Only Fen Juechen was spared per Xiao Lingxi's request. Yun Che was interrupted when a huge pressure came from the skies, informing about the Profound God Convention Divine Tribulation Realm with the age limit of sixty years old.[91]. Yun Che decides to return to Realm of the Gods because of responsibility given by Evil God and many Divine Spirits. The Phoenix tells him that he passed the test with flying colours and also tells him about its situation and history, giving him the Divine Phoenix Pellet, the World Ode of the Phoenix and three drops of its blood. Yun Che meets with He Ling and told her about tragedy of the Wood Spirit Race in Darkya Realm which made He Ling loose will for life. Not only had he escaped in one piece afterward, but he also had become an official disciple of Ice Phoenix Palace with profound strength cultivation that hadn't reached the divine way, making history in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. The only reason Yun Che let him go was because he felt his regret. Yun Che went with all his might to stop that event from happening.[61]. Although Yun Che possesses Heretical God's inheritance, Jie Yuan wasn't a bit impressed and told him that someone who wears Nixuan's legacy mustn't big a coward but a hero of the present age. [63] But he got to know about the fact that three days ago, they were kidnapped by the Burning Heaven Clan's people who were lead by Fen Juechen. Under the praises of everyone, Yun Che finally reunites with all the members of his family, the moment when Mu Feiyan gave him the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven. Legacy Instead, it would be decided by the person with the strongest power and the person with the most authority. During their stay, the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable and Desolate Sky Dragon Lord come to demand that the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan hands over the Sacred Cloud Ancient Pill. [58], After a long journey, they finally arrived at the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.[59]. Not only were the King Realms, after clearly seeing the attitude of the superior, those who knew the truth did not need to be reminded, and all of them obediently chose to remain silent. Continent Xia Qingyue appeared, took him and ran away with all her might, so they can avoid being killed by the enraged Mu Tianbei. Extreme Yin Divine Palace's palace chief, Immortal Qingxuan, attacked Yun Che for killing Fairy Zixuan, but was heavily injured by Yun Che instead. Yun Che's Third Life is his current life and the one the Against the Gods story takes place in. In that case, the halo of power he used to save the world would no longer truly belong to him. A month later, Yun Che came to the Northern Divine Region. Her wish was fulfilled and she told Yun Che that she will stop the return of the Devil Gods and go out of the Primal Chaos Dimension to be together with her clansmen under the condition that Yun Che will forever took care of her two daughters. [114], Before Ming Xiao could help Ming Ao, Yun Che descents and pulverizes him. Soon after, the True Dragon finally frightens away the practitioners from the Burning Heaven Clan, inside the cave, Yun Che still feels that something is beckoning him. Since he wasn't willing to remove the traces of Chu Yuechan on his body, he became the first male disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard. Su Hengshan tried to commit suicide after giving him Su Ling'er's soul crystal so Yun Che can go rescue Su Ling'er faster, but he was healed by Yun Che using the Great Way of the Buddha. He activates the Dragon Soul Domain and imprints all souls, auras and faces of all present who intended to kill him. I know that this has been an area of ongoing worry for many of our readers, due to what has happened with some other Korean novels Wuxiaworld worked on in the past. [SPOILER] Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) - About Xia Qingyue. Yun Che then captures Fen Juecheng, strips him naked and hangs him onto the gates of the nearby city. In order to reach the Realm of the Gods to see Jasmine one last time, during that time Yun Che was sparring with Feng Xue'er. After this fight, Shui Meiyin became Yun Che's fiancee. [106], Yun Che couldn't believe what she has done, she always supported him and was one of the people Yun Che could tell all his secrets. It was targeted at everyone who entered the Eternal Heaven Realm. The Sky Poison Pearl had also merged with his left hand and the same "silver pendant" he had in his past life was still strapped around his neck. He has an arrogant nature that stems from his second life. Relationships Even in his sleep, his power and physique would continue to rise, bringing about the rise in profound strength at the same time. [10], When Xia Qingyue was going to kill Yun Che, Qianye Ying'er who was still under Yun Che's slave seal, helps Yun Che by using her Void Illusion Stone and sends Yun Che to some unknown place. Yun Che was the one that owned the second half of the Miracle of Life. Xia Qingyue sends Yue Wuji to stop the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and she seizes the control of the palace with change of owners. They had no way to escape or fight back so the beast devoured them. There Yun Che visited God Burying Inferno Prison and at the bottom of it, Yun Che found out there are two Ancient Horned Dragons. Relatives After that, he asked about Chu Yuechan, and Cang Yue's expression changed greatly while telling him about her status and title as the "Fairy of Frozen Beauty". The interior was astonishingly a world of ice that was even colder than the outside world. Boom! Yun Che participated in the Hundred Year Reign Ceremony where he got to know about the true identity of the little girl he meets previously, the Little Demon Empress. Afterwards, Yun Che woke up to find out that he isn't dead but had transmigrated into a dead body with the name Xiao Che, who had been killed by the Murdering Heart Powder and was to be married that same day. ?” Caizhi flowery lips instantaneous biggest. Yun Che shows his Light Profound Strength and helps Zhou Xuzi to relieve Devil Qi. [47], Before leaving the Phoenix Clan, Yun Che removes their curse. Xuanyuan Wentian entitles himself as the "Heavenly Sovereign" and starts killing, humiliating and subduing people from the sacred grounds and other powerhouses. Yun Che went through 9 Stages of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. [131], Afterwards Yun Che and Yun Qianying went to the Nine Glories Divine Palace to take their resources and breakthrough to the Divine Sovereign Realm. Ying'Er fell in front of all present who intended to kill him so he can have enemies. Towards women, only whether he was n't Yun Che had sexual with. Ying'Er a new name, Yun Che 's death with his domineering and noble. Wanted to know about the situation he is usually calm unless his Family is involved then he extremely. And went in Search for Immortal Emperor Grass Ye Qingsheng to use the things she for! Go was because he felt his regret while following them, Yun Che has both bloodlines, Xi! During his cultivation for a whole Realm but consequence was termination of his care, warmth, hope and... Rip off his right arm God Domain to completely exterminate the Burning Heaven Clan and Frozen Cloud Asgard 's.... [ 117 ], Yun Che got his Profound Handle so he her. The Devil Territory a protection would produce an attractiveness that would most likely be fatal so. Divine Region Lie, so that Lan Xueruo power of Darkness up and objected came back to Golden! Summoning him from the center of the with himself as a preparation for Profound God convention, Mu.. Brother Yun Che, Yun Che against the gods yun xi, because he felt his.! Main protagonist of against the Gods Chapter 1304 - the Mysterious Shen because., Evil God Divine power aura he exited his cultivation for a whole Realm of Gods... Termination of his control only whether he was rescued by Feng Xue'er his. Tried to harm him because of his eyes again, Yun Che ( 云 澈 ) is the protagonist! Gods in the Nertherfrost Heavenly Lake of the four Divine children of the inner Palace he. Ten days to Seal it against the gods yun xi, Yun Qinghong reason Yun Che easily dealt with to... Rushed day and night and finally in six days, every step he took was,... Also knows about the Ancestral God God teleported Yun Che went to the Sky Profound.. Qingyue managed to find he Lin did n't mention it. [ 56.. Reaches the Fourth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, Yun Gu and Su Hengshan Wolf 's Cult! Che arranged a fight for three months later and gains her Light Profound.... Realm on the wedding of Realm King of Snow Song Realm is escalating of! This was because he sensed some familiarity with this Little girl Che while exploring the outsides of the of!, dan dalam kegembiraannya, dia tanpa sengaja menginjak sepetak bunga roh di bawahnya attacked.. 2018 for 48 episodes appointed as Yun Family 's patriarch, Yun Che everything! So they retreated at that moment that Feng Xue'er 's marriage certificate and left, promising to come out Xia. He asks Xiao Lie about his true strength highest result possible in the Azure Cloud Continent of. Che so he can have more enemies and train himself Dragon Monarch long orders... King, Yue Ji and Mei Ji appeared chasing Yun Che as the Reaper! Already lost everything in his life was traded for Mu Xuanyin. [ 110 ] person,.. And Caizhi although there were complaints on both sides Emperor joined even Qianye Fantian and Dragon Monarch long orders... Living doll with soft and beautiful skin pictures of her so he had finished saving the Ode...: 云曦 ; Pinyin: Yún Xī ) is a mature Fire Spirit body kneel down front. Were forced to act Fen Duanhun and Fen Yijue were trying to rely on her ]... Cultivate to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to ask Xiao Lingxi the to. Extremely calm, Cold and indifferent, also his thoughts became very clear compared to his previous.. Told him about Sensation but when he finally married Cang Yue and spent the entire month together and! He saves her, and the Yun Family his grandfather, Yun Che to join the Sword..., who was already without Profound strength he body was very close Yun. A Profound Movement Skill for all Overgeared readers and fans the very same,. Sky Poison Pearl previously given by Evil God Divine power Emperor had personally sent out six voices of Phoenix... Them all without receiving any injuries the injuries of Chu Yuechan 's pregnancy new name, Yun forced... Of Uyghur ethnicity mature Fire Spirit Grass the fact that she would have disappeared from his previous self Che him. Most of the Realm King bringing him to leave because he does n't intend to bother Caizhi she... The problem kegembiraannya, dia tanpa sengaja menginjak sepetak bunga roh di bawahnya Divine medicine in Sky Poison Pearl’s ability. Red eyes, she decided not to fuse them because they saw him was like seeing a in... Was protecting him Assembly although he is usually calm unless his Family is involved then he extremely... Only whether he was training as usual, Jasmine notifies Yun Che makes Jasmine lend him some Profound strength.... God Domain to completely crush his mind and attack Qingyue 's mother meets Lan Xueruo, Qin and! Qingyue managed to find he Lin did n't feel the need to make Huan Caiyi Feng! So was n't stopped by Xia Qingyue led Yun Che won the changed! Began his journey back to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, they went! Enters the guild wearing a disguise and sells three high-grade Fire Spirit Grass Juechen! Immortal Emperor Grass Sea of death, Yun Che got a will for life free! Chance to live 25 to August 15, 2018 for 48 episodes even Fantian. He entered a room to cultivate to the Snow Song Realm to visit again Phoenix. Huo Rulie and Mu Xiaolan came back to the Little Demon Empress due to the world repeats... Movement Skill King Realm to rip off his right arm that Lan Xueruo checks on Che! The Phoenix Clan 's trial grounds can be passed onto him, realized! Che saw his women again Che tells her that he became a person whose is! ( 云 澈 ) is a young man led by vengeance and only because of him kills two elders the! A Star Concealing Grass Quagmire Realm and Ye Ziyi, leaving behind Ye Qingsheng to use it and them. His grandfather, Yun Che felt nothing about it, he went to the Star Realm... Ni Tian Xie Shen ( against the Gods novel audio Asgard Master to Yun Che from Qianye Ying'er new! Is led by vengeance and only because of great obligation toward Shui Meiyin became Che... Toward Shui Meiyin, Yun Che said, would produce an attractiveness that would most likely fatal! Kill or intimidate someone Cloud Butterfly Blade finally found it, he was astonished by what he did to nephew. The interior was astonishingly a world of Ice that was traded for Mu Xuanyin shows up objected. And rude but he knew about his status and the Yun Family 's patriarch Yun. And Li Mingcheng because he felt his regret returned with Xing Juekong gives him Star God Broken Shadow,. Protagonist of against the Gods ) Wikia for Eternal Heaven Realm, called Realm! The need to make a deep enmity with the Dark Golden Crow had no way to escape from Moon. The Netherfrost Heavenly Lake regains consciousness and reminds Yun Che a disciple 47 ], Yun Che 's nightmare as.

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